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About Us

Logsnstuff is a third generation business, started by my grandfather back in the 1950's. We have been involved in various timber projects, particularly hardwood felling and in 1989 we bought our first mechanized harvester, a Rottne blondin. This was the first Rottne harvester to be brought into the UK from Sweden and the business thrived until a drastic drop in global timber prices brought about a change in direction.

We now concentrate on the supply of fuel woods to the retail market although we do also cater for a few wholesale clients, We supply our logs all across the UK using pallet carriers where necessary but predominantly we supply our logs in the central belt, Perthshire and Fife, Aberdeenshire and Lothians, when you buy our logs you are buying firewood direct from the producer not a middle man using continental imports, some points worth keeping in mind are,

Kiln dried logs lose their environmentally friendly carbon neutral tag because of the kiln fuel.

Imports from the continent can have upto 4,000 transport miles on them

Imported firewood which still has the bark on can carry disease and insect life such as emerald ash borer or Phytophthora ramorum.

Buying locally produced air dried logs are as environmentally responsible as you can get and a properly seasoned air dried log will reach the same MC as a kiln dried log for use in a woodburning stove it just means investing into your business on a longer term as in 2 years to season instead of 2 weeks to force dry.

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