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Renewable Heat Incentive

We are now registered on the DECC RHI Biomass Suppliers List as a supplier of sustainable well managed timber.

The fuel’s BSL Authorisation Date is: 23/07/2014

The fuel’s BSL Authorisation Number is: BSL0022723-0001

What does this mean?

Published by the (DECC) Department of Energy and Climate Change

To procure a contractor to set up and manage the RHI Biomass Suppliers List until 2016 at latest. The key aim of the RHI Biomass Suppliers List is to create a single list of biomass suppliers for both domestic and commercial consumers. This will provide a mechanism for RHI participants to know they are buying from a sustainable source which meets regulations. All domestic RHI participants will be required to source their biomass from suppliers on the list. The RHI Biomass Suppliers List will consist of suppliers of solid biomass fuel who have demonstrated that their stock complies with the RHI sustainability criteria. The criteria are: 1) Greenhouse gas emissions criteria – 60% saving on the EU fossil fuel average (in force from March 2014), and 2) Land criteria – expected to be based on UK Timber Procurement Policy (in force no later than April 2015, in line with similar standards being introduced to the Renewables Obligation for electricity generation). Suppliers of biomass who wish to be on the list will be required to submit data for audit by the list manager. Suppliers who successfully register on the RHI Biomass Suppliers List will be permitted to label their compliant products with a statement to illustrate that this fuel complies with RHI sustainability criteria. Project sub-objectives a) To create a simple, practical yet robust method of demonstrating that the supplier has met the RHI sustainability requirements; b) To create a low cost way of domestic and non-domestic RHI participants, including self-suppliers of woody biomass, to demonstrate that they meet the biomass sustainability standards. For the majority of consumers the administrative burden of using the RHI Biomass Supplier List should be significantly less than having to report independently against the sustainability requirements; c) To embed evaluation of biomass suppliers, supply chains and the wider environmental impact of the RHI Biomass Supplier List into the RHI end-to-end journey, through reporting to the DECC evaluation team. Contract Outline Requirements To design and implement a robust system of verifying that applicants to the List (biomass suppliers) meet the DECC sustainability criteria, and to promptly grant RHI-compliant status to successful applicants To provide facilitation and stakeholder engagement services for the project, including liaising with Ofgem when developing the List in order to ensure a seamless flow of information from the list manager to the regulator where needed. To create a customer-friendly online application portal which is designed to ensure that applicants are clear on the eligibility requirements and all necessary information is obtained. To provide a methodology which would collect the necessary data from suppliers in order to verify their compliance with DECC’s sustainability criteria. This will include a methodology for creating a ‘lighter touch’ administrative requirement for small, medium and self-suppliers. To perform regular audits of suppliers’ data in order to verify their ongoing compliance with DECC’s sustainability criteria. To maintain an accurate, up-to-date database of RHI-approved biomass suppliers and their details, which is made publicly available where necessary. To ensure the systems are secure, robust and reliable, and can hold data securely. To provide project management services for the project to ensure high quality outputs to time and to budget. To ensure accurate and timely reporting on the operation of the scheme to enable DECC to carry out a review of the scheme stage by stage in light of market developments. To provide a service that is flexible and can adapt to potential future changes to sustainability criteria efficiently in response to DECC’s requirements. To adhere to the 26 principles of the Government Digital Strategy when designing an online service -