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Logsnstuff woodland management

Posted by Steven Laing on

There is a growing demand for bringing undermanaged woodlands back from their abandoned state, from birds such as the lesser spotted woodpecker which has had an astonishing decline since the 1970's with 3 out of 4 pairs disappeared, it's thought that part of the problem is the lack of management of native woodlands affecting nesting sites and food sources.

 Here at Logsnstuff although our primary business is in firewood production we can undertake felling license applications, harvesting and extraction we also have contacts for mounding and ditching, we will consider woodlands of all sizes and species which many of the larger management companies consider uneconomical. whether it's a 20,000 tonne clearfell or a 50 ton thinning for biomass fuel.


Over the last 20 years woodland thinning practically disappeared in favour of clearfell but it is making a comeback, it's not just beneficial for the woodlands improvement but gives good cover for wildlife, although most contractors harvesters are too large for this type of work there are a few of us available for first and second thinning's.

If required we can arrange the sale of the timber, whether it's 3m biomass 4.9m logs or furniture grade hardwoods and firewood, we have access to a diverse range of markets.


Here we have a small woodland approx an acre in size which we gave a very light thinning and we also had to go over the ground with a brushcutter, it was not the best of timber for logs with an average DBH of around 4" with mixed species consisting of birch beech oak elm and willow.


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